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Blow Fly Attractant


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Blow Fly Attractant
Blow Fly Attractant

Blow Fly Attractant

The product is made from the blow fly’s favourite food ingredients and has a strong attraction to blow flies, can lure flies within 100 meters. The product is non-toxic, through the release of odor to attract flies, and then with the fly trap to achieve a catch fly effect.

Smell : Stench odor

Active Ingredients : Food- grade material

Appearance : Light yellow powder

Target Pest : Blow fly, Flesh fly, Flower fly, etc.

Duration of Validity : 6 Months

Date of Expiry : 3 Years

Packaging : 20g/bag, 200bags/carton

Product Advantages

1. Strong attraction effect
2. Wide range of attraction
3. Long duration
4. Non-toxic
5. Eco-Friendly


1. Mix the attractant with water at 1:10 and place it in various trap (buy or DIY).Hang 1-1.2m above ground.
2. Use the attractant directly on the sticky fly trap.

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