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Slaughterhouse pest control


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Slaughterhouse pest control

Slaughterhouse pest control

In recent years, food safety issues have attracted global attention, and pests problem is that a slaughterhouse needs to face seriously. Slaughter is a process of killing livestock, poultry, and producing meat for human consumption. The slaughterhouse requires very high standards of production environment to ensure the safety of meat, which is to ensure the safety of our human beings.
The slaughtered meat in the slaughterhouse is exposed to the air, so the general insecticides spraying is not suitable for pest control in the slaughterhouse. The slaughterhouse is a relatively closed environment with poor air circulation. If spray pesticides in slaughterhouse, it will affect the health of the slaughter workers. As a place for meat production, the pests management is particularly important for the slaughterhouse . Traditional fly traps and sticky fly strips cannot quickly eliminate flies. The flies have a strong ability to breed. We cannot imagine the consequences, if the pests are not effectively prevented and controlled in short time. Therefore, before the meat enters the market, the slaughterhouse must solve the pest problem during the slaughtering and storage process. Animals’ secretions and excretions are the foods that flies love, flies like to lay eggs on meat, which can seriously contaminate the meat after slaughter, thus affecting human health. The environment of the slaughterhouse is very conducive to the breeding of pests. If you do not carry out long-term prevention and control, all you have done before is futile. The traditional fly board need replace frequently, and it takes time and labor. As a result, fly management is particularly important in slaughterhouses.

Pestman can provide a complete solution for the slaughterhouse to effectively solve the pest problems and provide a safe and hygienic slaughter and storage environment.


1. Pestman fly control products can be evenly placed on the periphery of the slaughterhouse to form a barrier to prevent outdoor flies from entering the slaughterhouse, and to lure the flies from the workplace to the outside.



2. Pestman housefly control products can lure house flies into traps by light that is attractive to house flies, and let them die naturally in a short period of time.



3. The effective duration of Pestman fly control products are longer, and can be used for long-term prevention and control for 6~18 months. The replacement is not too frequent, saving labor and time.



Advantages of PESTMAN Products

  • 01

    Non-toxic, no pesticides
  • 02

    High efficient and safety
  • 03

    Long effective duration

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