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Pet store pest control

Pet store pest control

Pets are the best companion for human beings. More and more people are starting to raise pets. The huge market makes more pet stores appear quickly. Pet store is not only a place to sell pets, but also have the functions of pet care and pet fostering. Therefore, ensuring the cleanliness is that pet store pays more attention to. Common pests in pet store including mice, flies and so on. If the pets’ feces are not cleaned in time, it will become a breeding ground for these pests. Cracks in pipes and houses that are connected to the outside world, where will be the entrance of mice. These pests not only affect the clean of pet store, but also carry germs on them that can seriously threaten the health of pets.
At present, the pest control products on the market for other scenes are not very suitable for pet store, such as insecticides and rodenticides, insecticides are kept in the air, or stay in the corners, causing pets to inhale and eat by accident, threatening pets’ health even life. Physical pest control products, such as glue board, pets may be stuck when they are running and jumping. And the snap trap is more dangerous, it will hurt pets directly.

Pestman pest control products can satisfy a wide range of scenes, and there are many products for people to choose.


1. Pestman can provide a tailor-made pest control system for pet store. Pestman fly control products made from natural food-grade materials and can be placed in containers, safe and non-toxic, no residue, easy to clean, and high efficient. Prevent mosquitoes and flies from breeding, is the first choice to protect pets’ health for 24 hours.



2. Pestman mouse control products have good plasticity, can be fitted to the pipes, and guard against the mouse enter into the store, and it also will not affect the normal activities of the pets .



3. Pestman mouse control products are extracted from pure natural plants, non-toxic and harmless, sprayed in places where rats often move and the invasion channels. This product can affect the trigeminal nervous system,the sense of smell, touch and taste of mice, making the mouse feel uncomfortable and escaping away the place. Once driven, it can guarantee that the mouse does not go back in 3-6 months.

Advantages of PESTMAN Products

  • 01

    Safe and non-toxic
  • 02

    High efficiency
  • 03

    Long-lasting effect

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