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Orchard pest control


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Orchard pest control

Orchard pest control

Fruit flies, white flies, aphids, leaf miners, fungus gnats, flying insects are common pests in orchard. Especially fruit flies, they eat and damage the fruits, which will result in premature fruit drop and reduced yield. Orchardist often tries to spray the pesticides repeatedly to control the pests. But pesticides will be washed away when it rains and can also remain in the soil. Spray pesticides not only waste labor, but also not friendly to the environment. With the development of the times, while saving costs, people pay more and more attention to green agricultural products. Pestman is committed to solving these problems in a way that is non-toxic, no residue and cost-efficient.

In daily life, orchardists usually spray pesticides to prevent fruit and vegetable  from being damaged by fruit flies, but they also face the following problems:


1. Pesticide residue

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more attention to green pollution-free products. In some places, agriculture products with excessive pesticide residues are destroyed directly, which causes huge losses to fruit farmers.


2. Repeated spraying, time-consuming and laborious

Spray once cannot eradicate fruit flies, so the orchardist has to spray the pesticides repeatedly. It costs a lot of money and labor.


3. Pesticides are harmful to the human body

Pesticides contain toxic substances. Although there are safe protective tools, they are easy to be inhaled. Over the time goes by, they may cause diseases such as cancer or irreparable harm to the human body.


4. Difficult to predict the appearance of fruit flies accurately

Orchardists tend to judge the emergence of fruit flies by experience, and early mass spraying can result in waste.


Pestman can provide fruit fly control products which is pollution-free, non-toxic, time-saving, and can effectively prevent fruit flies from the fruits.


1. Pollution-free

Pestman fruit fly control products do not contain any pesticide ingredients, and do not directly contact with fruits, which will not cause residual.


2. Long validity period, save labor and time.

Pestman fruit fly control products have an effective period of 3-6 months, which is convenient for orchardists to reduce the times of replacement, greatly saving labor cost and time.


3. Prevent the emergence of fruit flies

Pestman fruit fly control products, like fruit fly yellow sticky trap which should be used in advance, so that orchardists can reduce the cost of prevention.

Advantages of PESTMAN Products

  • 01

    Long effective time
  • 02

    Save cost and labor
  • 03

    Non-toxic and harmless
  • 04

    No residue, very friendly to the environment

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