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Fly Trap


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Fly Trap
Fly Trap
Fly Trap

Fly Trap

Pestman Fly Trap contains very strong effective fly bait, and it can lure Flesh fly (Sarcophagidae), Blow fly (Calliphoridae), Flower fly (Anthomyiidae) and other flies within 100 meters. The fly will be lured into the plastic bag and can not be able to escape. It can continuously lure the flies until the trap filled with flies. One trap can catch 10,000 flies and effectively reduce the density of flies at the treated area.

Smell : Stenchy odor

Character : Yellow powdery

Active Ingredient : Food- grade material

Target Pest : Flesh fly, Blow fly, Flower fly, etc.

Package : 20 pcs/carton


1. Non-poisonous,without any pesticides
2. Convenient to use, never touch the dead flies
3. Lure flies within 100 meters
4. Make efficient more than 180 days


1. Cut along the dotted line, pull out the cap.
2. Pour water into the trap, till the marking line.
3. Hang the trap 1~1.2 meter high above the ground.
4. Replace the trap when it is full of flies.

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