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Countryside pest control

Countryside pest control

In some countries, because of the poor economic situation and the little attention of the environment. The sanitary status of the countryside is worse than city. In addition, the sheep farm, pig farm and livestock farm will provide survival conditions for some pests. The countryside is generally located in an environment with lots of vegetations, at the same time, the presence of paddy fields and stinking ditch makes the development of mosquitoes and flies very rapid. In addition, the hoarding of food also has huge attraction to mice. These pests have had a significant impact on people's lives and agriculture. As people's living standards improve, people are slowly beginning to pay attention to and try to solve these problems.

However, it seems that people do not have a good solution for these problems. The most efficient and widespread method of repelling mosquitoes and flies in rural areas is to spray insecticides and set rat bait stations, which are cheaper and more convenient than high-end products, but these methods also have flaws. As an open environment, if you want to maintain a mosquito-free state for a long time, you should always spray insecticides, and the cost will be expanded limitlessly. The common rat bait stations in the countryside are often open-ended, which not only makes the rat poison damp easier and lose the effect, but also easily eaten by the animals around. Traditional mouse traps maybe accidentally hurt other animals, and the died mouse will pollute the grains.

In consideration of the particularity of the rural environment, Pestman is able to offer a range of products suitable for rural pest control.



1.  Pestman pest control products have been tested and improved many times by researchers, which saves a lot of unnecessary waste, so it has a better performance than other similar products.



2. Pestman fly control products can form a barrier around the site where flies prevention and control measures are needed to prevent flies from entering the site, and the flies in the site will be lured into the trap to achieve a long-term control effect.



3. Pestman mosquito control products are easy to use, can achieve long-lasting mosquito repellent for 24 hours, and leaving the room with fragrance, so that you do not have to endure the insecticides’ smell of the common mosquito repellent spray.



4. Pestman mouse control products are non-toxic and harmless, extracted from natural plants, and humanely repelling while ensuring food is not contaminated. Quickly solve the problem of mice and ensure that there is no more mouse invasion within 3~6 months. Used with other mouse control products will achieve a better mouse control result.



Advantages of PESTMAN Products

  • 01

    Easy to use
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  • 03

    Non-toxic and harmless, safe for people

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