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The field trial of Pestman house fly bait in poultry farm

Pestman cooperated with Yinlian chicken farm Shengzhou, Zhejiang, China. We applied Pestman house fly bait in the chicken farm and conducted regular observations. The Yinlian chicken farm has around 20 chicken houses and 20,000 chickens. They use modern feeding technology and complete epidemic prevention measures. However, the housefly problem is serious in the chicken houses. The houseflies continue to breed from the chicken excrement, and spraying insecticides cannot solve the problem completely.
We observed the sanitary conditions, pest density and air flow of the chicken farm, and designed a targeted solution, one of the steps is to place the Pestman house fly bait at reasonable positions in the chicken farm.
Pestman house fly bait is scientifically formulated and processed by imidacloprid, fly attractant and feeding stimulant. It has strong attraction, good palatability and specially for house fly. It is easy to use and harmless to human, animals and environment. This product has no obvious odor and very suitable for chicken manure trough, feed warehouses, vents and other places use.
Pestman house fly bait is more effective than Bayer quick bayt fly bait after the contrast test. The excellent bait makes Pestman house fly bait attracts house flies to eat more bait in a short time, thus killing the house flies more efficiently.

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