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Plantation pest control

Plantation pest control

The pest management in vegetable fields has always been a complex problem. Moreover, there are many kinds of vegetable pests, such as whitefly, aphids, leaf miners and fruit flies. When dealing with different vegetable diseases and insect pests, farmers use different pesticides to control them. Farmers often use chemical pesticides on their plantations, which are still an important means of controlling pests and diseases on vegetables. Especially in the serious pest, disease epidemic, is a common emergency measures. However, as one of the essential foods for people's daily eating, excessive use of pesticides will also have a potential impact on human health. The topic of "green and pollution-free" vegetables is gradually mentioned by more and more people.
Many pests hide under the leaves, pesticides hard to hit. Spray once is difficult to exterminate pests completely, it is easy to cause the second breeding. The effective duration of pesticide is not long, farmers need to spraying pesticide repeatedly, it costs a lot, not only the money and also the labor. Spraying pesticides causes to residual problems, it is against environmental protection. Inadequate pest control easily lead to a lot of vegetables are damaged, affect the production of plantation.

Pestman can provide a series of pest control solutions in plantation, which can effectively solve the problems of plant diseases and insect pests, and increase the yield of green vegetables:



1. Pestman vegetable pest control products do not contain any agrochemicals,  no need to spray and do not directly contact with crops.



2. After multiple tests, Pestman products have better effects and longer duration than those pest control products on the market, which can greatly reduce the replacement frequency and save a lot of labor costs;



3. Long-term use of Pestman vegetable pest control products will reduce the pest density in and around the plantation, improve the plantation planting environment, and greatly improve the plantation productivity.






  • 01

    Green, no pollution, no residue
  • 02

    Better effect and longer duration
  • 03

    Increase productivity
  • 04

    Broad spectrum, effective for many insect pests

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