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House Fly Bait


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House Fly Bait
House Fly Bait
House Fly Bait

House Fly Bait

The fly bait is scientifically formulated and processed by imidacloprid, flour, sugar, attractant and feeding stimulant. It is a special attractant for house fly and has strong attraction, good palatability. It is easy to use and harmless to human, animals or environment.This product has no obvious odor, can be used for indoor and outdoor. We did a comparison test video with Bayer QuickBayt. Please watch the video at link:

Smell : Light grain smell

Ingredient : Imidacloprid, flour, sugar, attractant and feeding stimulant

Expiration Date : 3 years

Packing : 10g/pcs, 25pcs/box, 24boxes/carton

MOQ : 10kg

Wanted : We want distributors for this product. Just contact us if you have interests.


1. High cost performance, eliminate flies for the least amount of money.
2. As little as 0.5g fly bait has powerful attraction to the surrounding flies.
3. No stench odour, can be used indoor.
4. Quick kill, kill all the flies within 5 minutes.
5. A variety of application methods, in areas that can not be sprinkle, mix with water and brush on wall.


1. Put the powdery bait into small piles, and pile a 0.5g pile directly in the place where the flies appear. Sprinkle a small pile every 3 meters. (If the ground is wet, please pad under the bait. ) . The flies will die within 3-5 minutes after eating the bait.
2. Use a trace amount of water to make the powdery bait into a paste, and then apply the paste bait on the wall of the fly activity or on the railing, and brush it every 3 meters. The flies will die within 3-5 minutes after eating the bait.
3. Spread the bait on the tape, and then hang the adhesive tape in the room where there is flies, let the fly take the bait on the adhesive tape. The flies will be stuck and die within 3-5 minutes.

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