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As a place where food accumulates, there are many pests (such as mice, cockroaches, etc.) affecting the quality of food materials every day, or there are flying pests (such as mosquitoes, flies, etc.) that affect the dining experience of the guests.
The usual food and beverage outlets are cleaned daily to ensure a good environment in the restaurant and kitchen. However, day after day cleaning and frequent pco companies help to control pests, making restaurant bear huge financial and material consumption. How to provide convenient and affordable public health services for restaurants is increasingly concerned by many catering industry practitioners.
In general, the restaurant often cleans and deworms on its own to prevent the breeding of pests, but often the effect is sometimes not particularly ideal. The main problems are as follows:
1. The pests have not been eradicated by the correct method. Even if the large-scale cleaning is carried out, it will not take long for the pests to still breed. The restaurant's kitchen has many places that are very easy to breed pests and difficult to clean.
2. It is not possible to use pesticides on a large scale, because if the restaurant does this, it will lead to the customer's dining environment or have to temporarily suspend business, affecting daily business. This is unacceptable to many restaurants.
3. It takes a lot of money to invest in some pest equipment, which may be difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to bear.

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