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Insect Lamp Trap


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Insect Lamp Trap
Insect Lamp Trap
Insect Lamp Trap

Insect Lamp Trap

Pestman insect lamp trap is designed to lure fly, mosquito, moth and other common annoying pests to the inside glue board where they will be immediately stuck.
It ships with one ultraviolet bulbs which are especially designed to attract flying insects. The protective cover can protect user safety and ensure beautiful appearance. No maintenance is required. As a chemical free alternative, it is safe to use in many indoor areas.

Rated Voltage : 220 V

Rated Frequency : 50/60 Hz

Rated Power : 13 W*1

Size : 360*167*197 mm

Application Area : 80-100 square meters

Accessories : Power saving fluorescent lamp*1 , Yellow sticky board*2

Protective Cover : ABS material, White matte surface


1. No noise, non-toxic and odourless insect catching, does not affect the user's life and work.
2. Continuous and stable 365nm wavelength light source for the insect retina has more attractive effects than any other lamp trap.
3. Multilayer design Yellow sticky paper. One paper can use twice. Resistance to high temperature of 80 degrees without deformation.
4. Built-in reflective coating makes the application area large than other lamp trap.
5. Minimalist design and beautiful look. Suitable for a variety of indoor decoration style.


1. Install it 1.8-2.0m high on the wall.
2. Install lamp tube.
3. Put the glue paper at trap position under lamp tube.
4. Switch on the power.

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