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GM963 Mosquito Killer Lamp
GM963 Mosquito Killer Lamp
GM963 Mosquito Killer Lamp
GM963 Mosquito Killer Lamp

GM963 Mosquito Killer Lamp

The three-dimensional bionic mosquito killer is mainly used to imitate the warmth of human skin to continue heat dissipation, forming a triple attraction source of “precision light source attraction + bionic skin heat dissipation + water vapor evaporation”, and the mosquito control effect is doubled!

Using an overhead heating element to form an internal heat cycle, imitating skin heat dissipation, adding a water-absorbing sponge, triple guidance of light and heat, body temperature, and water vapor to achieve the effect of mosquito killing

Product size: 132*222MM

Rated voltage: 5V

Operating Voltage: 12V=500mA

Rated frequency: 50Hz

weight: 0.52KG


1.LED light source;
2.One-key control ;
3.Vertical unobstructed wind system;
4.Four-blade spiral silent fan;
5.Stable and silent bracket;
6.Device for controlling mosquito escape;
7.Mosquito storage box without wind resistance


1.Imitate human fever technology:Imitate the warmth of human skin and continue to dissipate heat to achieve a better trapping effect.
2.Human breathing humid and hot environment simulation: The machine is equipped with water-absorbing sponge, and the internal water vapor is evaporated to create a humid and hot environment that simulates human breathing, so as to trap mosquitoes and double the effect.
3.One-key control Smart and convenient: Say goodbye to physical mechanical buttons, using IMD touch mode design, gently touch, easily turn on the machine to run.
4.Low light:The light-transmitting glass of the machine has been upgraded to filter the dazzling light and retain the light waves that attract mosquitoes, which will not affect the anti-mosquito effect. The light is weak and does not affect sleep.
5.Sound-reducing and noise-reducing technology: upgrade the mosquito-inducing fan, while ensuring high suction power, making the noise smaller and will not affect sleep.

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