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Bed Bug Killer


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Bed Bug Killer

Bed Bug Killer

Pestman bedbug killer is one of the best bedbug control product in the world,

with the main advantages as followed:


——Quick effect, bedbugs will not disturbe you immediately after using ;

——Kill all the bedbugs at one time, and make the effect up to 365 days.

——Safe for humans, non-allergenic if the powder falls on skin.

——Can also be used for killing Flea, Tick, Mite, Lice, etc.

Product introduction

Pestman Bedbug Killer is a highly effective bedbug control product, can kill all the bedbugs at one time. It can kill bug adults, nymphs and eggs immediately by contact with 100% efficacy. As soon as bed bug touches the powder, it loses its crawling capability soon, and will not distuebe you any more. It is widely used for killing bedbugs in House, Hotel, Student dormitory, Staff dormitory, Hospital, etc. Humans, Pets, Environment friendly products. Once using Pestman bedbug killer, your family will not be disturbed by bedbugs for 365 days.

Application methods

1. Clean the bed sheets, pillowcases and quilts.
2. Remove the mattress, deal with the joint between bed board and bedstead, the side seams of mattress.
3. Deal with the gap between the mattress and the bed board.
4. Deal with the bedstead, the fissures on the wall, the gap in the cabinet and skirting lines around the bed.

PESTMAN bedbug killer in Nigeria

With above advantages, we successfully got our first partner in Nigeria in 2020, and exported over 10,000 bottles in the first year. For the past two years, Pestman Bedbug Killer has been hot saled in Nigeria due to its high efficacy and long duration, and more and more Nigerian families who are troubled by bedbugs buy it from our distributors every day. We have helped more than 300,000 families in 30 countries all over the world to solve the bedbug problems in their houses till now.

Pestman bedbug killer recommended by "The Entomological Society of China"

Due to high efficacy against bedbugs in Foxcoon's staff dormitories, Pestman bedbug killer is highly appreciated by "The Entomological Society of China (Urban Insect Committee)". They recommend our product to prevent and control bedbugs in Staffs Dormitories and Students Dormitories all over China. By thge way, Foxcoon is the largest iphone co-manufacturer in the world, and it has more than one million employees all over the world.

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