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Pestman Rat Repellent Spray
Pestman Rat Repellent Spray
Pestman Rat Repellent Spray

Pestman Rat Repellent Spray

Pestman® rat repelllent spray is engineered to effectively repels rats, mice or other rodents, ensuring a rat-free environment for 30-60 days and providing you with a rapid and efficient solution against rat infestation. It is made from 100% natural plant extracts and contains no chemicals or rodenticides. It is specifically formulated to target those pesky invading rats. By stimulating the taste and scent senses of the rats, it effectively disrupts their nervous system, leaving them feeling restless and uncomfortable. As a result, they swiftly depart from the treated area. This powerful solution acts as an repelling force against all rats.
Product Description:
– Powerful repelling effect – Prevent rats entry, nesting and foraging.
– Long effective time – Exclusive slow-release technology allows the repelling effect last for 3 months.
– Safe to children and pets – Natural plant-based ingredients. Contains no chemicals or rodenticides.
– Vehicle protection – Protects car engines from rats nesting and chewing.
– Pleasant smell – Only smell of plant extract, no pungent odor.
– Flexible application – Can reach hard-to-reach area like Ceilings, Gaps, Holes and Pipe channels.

Where to use

Apartments, Houses, Vehicles, Garages, Hotels, Warehouses, Restaurants, Computer rooms, Data centers, Power distribution rooms, etc

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OEM Service

We are pleased to provide OEM services for our customers, different active ingredients and packaging options are available. We are committed to delivering high efficacy product with competitive price and fulfilling your unique needs. Feel free to contact with us for further discussion.

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