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968 Mosquito Killer Lamp
968 Mosquito Killer Lamp

968 Mosquito Killer Lamp

Pure plant extracts, safe and powerful mosquito repellent, using China, the United States, Israel, three countries jointly developed mosquito repellent core, available for women and infants. Can be used outdoors. Abbreviation: Outdoor artifact, fully realize freedom without mosquitoes

Rated voltage: DC5V

Input Current: 100mA

The output voltage: DC3.7V

Product size: 105*130MM

weight :(Contains mosquito repellent cream) 270g

Color box size: 135*128*152MM

Carton size: 540*430*480MM

Application scenario: Get together,picnic,Office,entertainment


1.Beautiful and stylish;
2.Touch switch;
3.Safe against touch;
4.For mothers and infants;
5.Convenient to carry;
6.USB charging hole;
7.Anti-skid design at the bottom;
8.Multiple power supply methods:PC / mobile charger, car charger, plug-in charger, travel is not troubled by mosquitoes, you can repel mosquitoes at any time


Tear the packaging bag, remove the mosquito repellent core, unscrew the lid, rotate the lid upside down, pierce the aluminum foil seal with the sharper portion of the lid, and then use it with the mosquito

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