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Mouse Repellent

Mouse Repellent

Mouse repellent is made from Methyl Salicylate and other natural essences, and it is safe to crops, animals, humans and enviroment. It will repel the Rodent animals (such as: Field Mouse, House Mouse, Squirrel, etc) through its smell and taste. It is very effectively on repelling squirrels which damage Cocoa.
Mouse repellent is very effectively on preventing filed mice from damaging or eating crops at the seedling stage or at the maturity stage. After spraying its formulation on your target crops, it will quick repel field mice through its smell and taste. The field mice will feel very uncomfortable in the treated area, and they will not come back to this area during their memory period. Thus it will be very effective on repelling field mice for more than 40 days in the crop fields. Due to very excellent efficacy, it is widely used for solving the rodent damages in Rice, Wheat, Maize, Bean, Vegetables, Sunflower, Sugarcane, Palm, Cocoa, Greenhouse, Warehouse, etc.
Normally the farmers will use the rodenticides to kill field mice, and the effect of rodenticides are getting weaker and weaker due to the emergence of drug resistance. In addition, more and more field mice will not eat the rodenticides
because they even know the shape of rodenticides. Mouse repellent has no drug resistance, and it is no toxic and very freindly to the environment. It will be the best substitute of rodenticides in the line of agriculture in future.

Packings : 1 ltr/bottle, 5 ltrs/drum, 20 ltrs/drum, or other packing methods as you like.

Key Features :

1. Easy to use ;
2. Repel the field mice, and not kill them ;
3. Highly effective and long lasting time more than 40 days ;
4. No drug resistance and no toxic, and not contain any rodenticides ;
5. Natural active ingredients, and be safe to animals, humans and environment.

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