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stable pest solutions

The stables have a serious pest problem due to the accumulation of feed and droppings. Imagine how your horse feels about them. These pest problems not only affect the health of horses, but also the health of people who live nearby.

Horses confined in stables are plagued by house fly, blow fly and stable fly. These flies breed in horse manure. Their ability to transmit the pathogens that cause diseases such as anthrax and equine infectious anemia to animals has been documented.

Mice consume and contaminate food destined for horse. A mature rat can eat up to 30 g of feed in a day. A colony of 100 rats can consume over a ton of feed in 1 year. This exceeds the amount of grain required to feed a 454 kg horse for a year. This amount does not include feed that has been spoiled by rodent urine, droppings and hair, which can be as much as 10 times the amount consumed if they have free access to the feed storage area.

Pestman can help horse-breeder a pest control plan that prevents as well as eliminates pests. The advantages are as follows:


1.Pestman can provide matching solutions and product combinations for different pest situations in and around the stables, effectively eradicate the pest problems in the stable in a relatively short time and prevent new pest invasion by means of odor affecting pest nerves or directly eliminating the pests by powder pesticide containing low-toxic ingredients.

2.Pestman’s non-physical pest control products are mostly made of natural plant extracts or plant essential oils with very low chemical content. They are low-toxic or non-toxic products with no irritating odor and no irritating ingredients to the skin.

3.Pestman’s products have a more advanced formulation, which can achieve the same effect at a more competitive price and in less dosage, and lasts longer than similar products.


  • 01

    Easy to use, no mess, no irritating odor
  • 02

    Not harmful to human and horse
  • 03

    Excellent after-sales service and technical support

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