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Greenhouse pest control


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Greenhouse pest control

Greenhouse pest control

Greenhouses are not only suitable for the growth and development of vegetables and fruits, but also the main "place" for breeding pests. The temperature and humidity in greenhouses are much higher than the outside world, and the space is also more closed and obstructed, which is easy to breed some common small pests, such as whitefly, aphids, leaf miners, etc. The generation and probability of diseases and insect pests are also relatively increased, causing a great threat to crops. Fruit flies in fruit and vegetable greenhouses have serious frequent generation alternations, and it is difficult to control them. For some vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, bitter gourds, etc., and some fruits, such as grapes, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, etc., fruit fly is the main pest that reduces the quality and yield.

Farmers usually spray pesticides to prevent fruits and vegetables from being damaged by these pests, but they also face the following problems:


1. Pesticide residue: With the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more attention to green pollution-free products. In some places, agriculture products with excessive pesticide residues are destroyed directly, which causes huge losses to fruit farmers.


2. Repeated spraying, time-consuming and laborious: Spray once cannot eradicate fruit flies, so the farmers have to spray the pesticides repeatedly. It costs a lot of money and labor.


3. Pesticides are harmful to the human body: Pesticides contain toxic substances. Although there are safe protective tools, they are easy to inhale harmful chemicals. Over the time goes by, they may cause diseases such as cancer or irreparable harm to the human body.


Pestman can provide a complete solution for the pest management in greenhouses, so as to help farmers solve the pest threat and prevent the invasion of new pests:


1. Be green and pollution-free. Pestman fruit fly control products do not contain any pesticides, and do not directly contact with fruits and vegetables, which will not cause large area pollution, and will not produce adverse residues after use. The greenhouse is a closed environment. Pestman control pest products will not produce pungent smells, providing a good environment for farmers to plant.


2. Long validity period, saving labor and time. Pestman pest control products have an effective period of 3-6 months, which is convenient for farmers to save labor costs and replace it when the products are used up.


3. Effectively reduce the density of pests. After continuous use, Pestman products will effectively control pests, reduce the pests density in greenhouses, effectively reduce the occurrence of diseases and pests, and reduce the threat to crops.

Advantages of PESTMAN Products

  • 01

    Effectively reduce the density of pests
  • 02

    Save time, labor and cost
  • 03

    No residue and environmental protection
  • 04

    Non-toxic and harmless

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