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Pestman Ant & Fire Ant Bait
Pestman Ant & Fire Ant Bait

Pestman Ant & Fire Ant Bait

Pestman Ant & Fire Ant Bait contains insecticides and special ant attractant. It has strong attraction, good palatability, low toxicity to animals, safety to the environment, easy to use and other advantages. The attractant will lure various ants to eat it in short time after application, and the ants will die quickly after eating. It will eliminate the whole ants colony nearby your treated area. Baits contain pesticides that can be passed from one ant to another through the process of cross-feeding, thereby eliminating the entire nest.

Active ingredient: 0.01% Fipronil

Net Weight: ≤0.5Kg

Features: Attract distance 50 centimeter

Application place: Can be applied at any places affected by ants

Product advantage

1.The shape and size of the bait particles are easy for ants to carry back into their colony.
2.Able to destroy the whole ant colony.
3.Very convenient for use.
4.Low toxic and safe for human and pets.

Application methods:

1. Put pile of 5-10 gram bait in the area where the ants are moving, and let the ants feed and transport freely. After about one week, the number of ants will decrease significantly and the whole nest of ants will die after half a month.
2. If there are many nests, put many piles. 2 grams in a pile, 2 meters apart.

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