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Fruit Fly Yellow Sticky Trap


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Fruit Fly Yellow Sticky Trap
Fruit Fly Yellow Sticky Trap

Fruit Fly Yellow Sticky Trap

PESTMAN Fruit Fly Yellow Sticky Trap is very effectively on luring and trapping various fruit fly in orchards and vegetable fields. We mix special fruit fly attractant with glue, and brush them on the yellow sticky trap. The fruit fly attractant will quickly lure various fruit fly to our yellow sticky trap, and the yellow sticky trap itself will attract many pests and stick them on the trap.

Smell: Fruit aroma

Appearance : Yellow Plastic Paper

Composition : Fruit Fly Attractant and Glue

Pest Type : Fruit Fly And Other Pests

Application place: Orchard, Vegetable Field, Plantation, Greenhouse

Packing : 10 Pieces/Pack, 60 Pack/Ctn


1. Special Attractant, Strong Attraction, Lure All Fruit Flies, Attract Range Is Up To 10 Meters
2. Lngtime Effect, Attract Time Is Up To 2 Months
3. Double-Sided Glue, Strong Viscosity
4. Scientific Color Matching, Special Spectrum, Attracting A Variety Of Pests
5. Waterproof And Uv Resistant
6. No Pollution, No Residue, Green Planting Preferred Products


1. Hang them 1.0-1.5m higher above the ground in orchard or vegetable fields.
2. Hang one every 10-20 meters. In the initial stage of fruit fly activities, it is recommended to hang 30 pieces per hectare, and 70-100 pieces per hectare during mating and outbreak periods.
3. Try to hang in a cool and ventilated place, and avoid direct sunlight.
4. Please change a new one when it is fully stuck with fruit flies or other insects.

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