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Vinegar Fly Attractant


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Vinegar Fly Attractant
Vinegar Fly Attractant

Vinegar Fly Attractant

Pestman vinegar fly attractant is tailored to the habits of the fruit scent olfactory organ, using a combination of “background scent” and “main attractant scent” to simulate the natural fruit fragrance of the vinegar fly. Combined with molecular membrane technology and enzymatic hydrolysis technology, the long-term stable and attractive, wave-like odor, so that the vinegar fly more accurately find the source of the smell, falling into the trap.

Target Pest : Vinegar fly

Target crop: Blueberry, Cherry, Grape, Peach, Apple, Citrus, Waxberry, etc

Smell : Vinegar odour

Appearance : Dark brown liquid

Active Ingredients : Food-grade material

Date of Expiry : 2 years


1. For all male and female vinegar flies
2. Long duration
3. Powerful attraction
4. Labor saving
5. Non-toxic、No residual


Hang 1 plastic bottle every 15 meters, each plastic bottle contains 100 ml of attractant. For each hectare, 3 L of attractant is needed, and the effect can last 3 months.

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