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Fruit Fly pest solutions


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Fruit Fly pest solutions

Fruit Fly pest solutions

Fruit flies are important pests in the fruits of horticultural crops; their reproductive power and extensive hosts can be seen throughout the year and cause significant economic losses. It is also an important plague-picking pest in the international agricultural trade; a full understanding of the ecology and habits of fruit flies can effectively take appropriate control measures to ensure farming returns.

Fruit flies belong to the taxonomic order Diptera in the family Drosophilidae, also known as fruit borers.


Although fruit flies in the fruit are harmless to humans and animals, they will cause wet rot on the surface of the fruit and accelerate the decay. Adult fruit flies inject eggs into the fruit, the hatched larvae remain in the fruit and continue to infect the fruit . This will not only make people feel uncomfortable, but also cause certain economic losses to fruit farmers.


Fruit flies are easily attracted by the smell of fruit or the smell of fermentation after the fruit has rotten. Naturally, fruit flies are most likely to appear in orchards,vegetable fields and fruit stores, and how to prevent and control fruit fly infestation has become a headache for many people.


Generally in orchards, we mainly adopt the following control measure:

1.Clean up the weeds and garbage in the orchard in time, remove the fallen and rotten fruit, and reduce the food source and growing place of fruit flies;

2.Picking at the right time to avoid over-ripe fruit attracting fruit flies;

3.Use of appropriate medicines and use a combination of spraying low-toxic and harmless agents on and under the trees to repel fruit flies.


The control measures in fruit stores are different from those in orchards.

We can choose to check the fruit in the stalls regularly to avoid rotting fruit being mixed in and attracting fruit flies. If conditions permit, you can also put ice cubes under the fruit to lower the temperature to delay the decay, so that fruit flies are less likely to appear.


Pestman Fruit Fly Yellow Sticky Trap is a very effective trapping tool for trapping fruit flies and other pests.

1.Attractant. Mix the special fruit fly attractant with glue and brush it on the yellow plastic board. The fruit fly attractant will quickly attract various fruit flies to the yellow board.

2.Color. In addition to fruit flies, the color of the yellow board can also attract and hold many other pests.


For example, we can hang the fruit fly yellow board at a height of 1 to 1.5 meters from the orchard or vegetable field, and hang one every 10-20 meters. In the early stage of fruit fly activity, it is recommended to hang 30 fruit flies per hectare. During the mating period and outbreak period of fruit flies, it is best to hang 70-100 fruit flies per hectare. Try to hang in a cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, so that the effect of attracting fruit flies will be better.


These are some of the ways we deal with fruit flies.


  • 01

    Special Attractant, Strong Attraction, Lure All Fruit Flies, Attract Range Is Up To 10 Meters
  • 02

    Lngtime Effect, Attract Time Is Up To 2 Months
  • 03

    Double-Sided Glue, Strong Viscosity
  • 04

    Scientific Color Matching, Special Spectrum, Attracting A Variety Of Pests
  • 05

    Waterproof And Uv Resistant
  • 06

    No Pollution, No Residue, Green Planting Preferred Products

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