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Car pest solutions

Car pest solutions

With the development of science and technology, car manufacturers started using component made of soy, which acts like a fast food for mice. Soy has replaced petroleum in the manufacturing of auto parts like wiring insulation, harness covers, tires, seats, cushion foam. The heat released by the engine provides a suitable temperature for mice.

In addition, there are a variety of other pests through a variety of ways into the car. Whether it's a car, a bus or a truck, the problem of pests makes the car potentially dangerous during driving and can result in expensive repairs. It also bring bad experiences to car owners and passengers and affect their health.

1.Climatic factors make pests enter the car to find a suitable living environment.They may breed and lay their eggs in the car.
2.Pets and people can carry parasites, such as bedbugs and fleas, into cars and hide under car mats, which have a huge impact on the health and experience of car owners and passengers.
3.Mice and other rodents will live in the car , the car parts will be damaged, leading to car malfunction, and even cause traffic accident.

Pestman can help vehicle owner make a pest control plan that prevents as well as eliminates pests. The advantages are as follows:


1.Pestman can provide matching solutions and product combinations for different pest situations in the car, effectively eradicate the pest problems in the car in a relatively short time and prevent new pest invasion by means of odor affecting pest nerves or directly eliminating the pests by powder pesticide containing low-toxic ingredients.

2.Pestman’s non-physical pest control products are mostly made of natural plant extracts or plant essential oils with very low chemical content. They are low-toxic or non-toxic products with no irritating odor and no irritating ingredients to the skin.

3.Pestman’s products have a more advanced formulation, which can achieve the same effect at a more competitive price and in less dosage, and lasts longer than similar products.


  • 01

    1.After the application of the product, the use of the vehicle will not be affected.
  • 02

    2.Easy to use, no mess, no irritating odor.
  • 03

    3.Not harmful to children and pets.
  • 04

    4.Excellent after-sales service and technical support.

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