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Magic Mouse Blanket


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Magic Mouse Blanket
Magic Mouse Blanket
Magic Mouse Blanket

Magic Mouse Blanket

Pestman Magic Mouse Blanket is a safe and convenient alternative to traditional mouse glue trap. The blanket can catch and prevent mouse effectively in serious indoor mouse infestation areas. In the channel of building, the blanket can block the invasion of mouse. One mouse glue blanket has the same effect as eight traditional mouse glue traps.The blanket can be used in wet environments and can be cut according to the different conditions.

Size : 120*28 cm or 200*38 cm


1. Waterproof and moisture proof, suitable for various areas.
2. The blanket can be cut according to the placement area.
3. High viscosity of glue.
4. Larger glue surface is more efficient for mouse catching.
5. Black color surface does not alert mouse at night.


1. Open the Blanket and put it on the floor.
2. It's recommended to fix it on the floor with tape or heavy things. (In case of a mess when the mouse struggles)

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