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How to tell if there is a cockroach


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How to tell if there is a cockroach


Cockroaches are some of the most unsightly pests one can see in their house. They are also capable of spreading disease-causing pathogens, triggering allergic reactions and exacerbating asthma. Cockroaches contaminate the surfaces upon which they walk and the food with which they come into contact. For these reasons, it’s important to know how to tell if you have cockroaches, what species of cockroaches you may see in your house, and how to prevent or eliminate them. 

2 Signs of a Cockroach Infestation
1. You smell a musty, pungent, oily odor
A single German cockroach can produce this smell, but most people will not notice an odor until the roach population is quite high. 
Why do roaches leave a smell?

  • Secreted pheromones 
  • Odor trails 
  • Droppings
  • Dead, decomposing roaches

2. You see a live roach or find a dead one
Most people only see live roaches at night—they enter a dark kitchen or bathroom, turn on the light, and see roaches run for cover. However, if the roach population is high, you may see roaches during the day as well. A lack of resources and overcrowding can force roaches to migrate during daylight hours if they want to survive. Finding a dead roach is also an indication of an infestation, especially if it is found in areas where droppings or egg casings have been found.

How to get rid of cockroaches?
1.Become a clean freak: clean up right away after you cook and eat. Rinse those juice, beer or soda cans. Keep the lid on the trash and take it out before it overflows. Leave nothing out overnight. Vacuum often, getting up crumbs and dead cockroaches. Wipe the stove, drip trays, and surrounding walls to get splattered grease and cockroach treats. Do you leave dishes to soak overnight, or food out for pets? You’ve set up a buffet in your kitchen.2.Dry up: cockroaches like it damp. Repair dripping faucets and leaky pipes. Use a dehumidifier to dry the basement. Even sweaty pipes and condensation can quench a cockroach’s thirst. Insulate water pipes and use a fan when you shower.
3.Each one teach one: get buy-in from family and neighbors so you all pull together.
4.Using cockroach bait: Pestman Cockroach Gel Bait is yellow colloidal mixture of micro-chemicals and cockroach bait. It is a safe and environmentally friendly sanitary insecticide that effectively kills both nymph and adult cockroach such as German Cockroach, American Cockroach and Oriental Cockroach.
This cockroach bait is extremely attractive and palatable to cockroaches and is long lasting, lasting for up to 6 months after application. It is fast-acting and does not rebound easily, taking only 24-36 hours to kill 99% of cockroaches with a single application. The cockroaches do not have drug resistant to it.
It is easy and simple to operate, we just need to apply the bait on the walls, back of the furniture, the bottom of electrical appliances, kitchen cupboards and other hidden places where the cockroaches are active, and apply a small point of gel every 40-50 cm. No need to move or cover items, safe, convenient and quick. People do not have to leave the room when using the product, which does not affect normal business, work and life. The cockroach gel bait has a chain-killing effect with a single application and is not easy to rebound.
Be careful not to apply it at a wet place, and store the bait at a place where is cool, dry and out of reach of children and pets. Do not use other insecticides at the same time, as this will affect the effect of the cockroach gel bait.

When trying to get rid of cockroaches, use a combination of methods for the best results. Then, enjoy peace of mind and never worry about those scurrying buggers again.