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Deal with pesky cockroaches


If cockroaches were just irritating and loathsome, people wouldn’t hate cockroaches. They have this nagging habit of going places like the kitchen, moving over food, walking down our clothes etc. All this makes you feel disgusting, isn’t it? You should be. After all, these insects live in garbage, feed on waste food and live in the dirt. But this isn’t the end. 

In fact, cockroaches are regarded as insects which cause innumerable diseases in humans. The pathogens they carry in their body and spread through saliva and waste is simply audacious, to say the least. Different kind of diseases like food poisoning, stomach infection and others are caused indirectly through cockroaches. 

Cockroach infestation at home can lead to devastating consequences. Everyone at home can get infected. Keeping food safe will be difficult. They can completely disturb your peace. 

2 Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

The sooner a cockroach infestation is eradicated, the easier it will be to obtain complete control. However, because most species of cockroaches are nocturnal and tend to be secretive, a serious infestation can occur before you ever catch sight of a live roach. If you know the four primary signs that you have a cockroach infestation, you can take action sooner and eliminate these unsightly pests.

  1. You find their droppings

Roaches have surprisingly voracious appetites and will eat virtually anything, including human food, pet food, garbage, and dead skin cells. As a result, they tend to leave droppings wherever they go. The type of roach determines the appearance of the droppings, but most roach droppings resemble coffee grounds or specks of black pepper. If the droppings are found in many different locations, you may have a large infestation. If the droppings tend to be found in one area, you should take steps to eliminate any sources of nearby water and food to help control the roach population.

You can find roach droppings:

  • On counters and floors
  • Behind and underneath kitchen appliances or the washer and dryer
  • In the corners of shelves in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Inside the pantry
  1. You find their egg cases

Roaches are prolific breeders, but their reproduction method can make it easier to find evidence that they have invaded. Roach eggs are contained inside egg cases that are known as oothecae. Each ootheca can contain 10 to 50 eggs. Some species of roaches keep their oothecae attached until just hours before the eggs hatch, but other species will attach an ootheca in a sheltered space several days before hatching occurs. Once the eggs hatch, the ootheca — which is a brown, oblong, nearly translucent casing — is left behind. 

Where to find empty or full oothecae:

  • In books
  • Inside cabinets
  • Behind furniture
  • In any dark, protected, tight areas
  • On counters, if the infestation is severe

How to deal with cockroaches

  1. Don’t wait till you see live cockroaches in the daytime—inspect for frass and put out sticky traps. These let you know if cockroaches are on the roam.
  2. If you find evidence act now.
  3. Don’t carry them home: check laundry baskets, bags or boxes. Look sharp—egg cases could be tucked into cracks and folds!
  4. Keep them out: caulk cracks around windows, doors, and cabinets, fix holes in your wall. Screen or seal ducts, vents, and where pipes or wires come through a wall.
  5. No place to hide: say goodbye to clutter! Throw out or recycle cardboard, paper, and boxes of food in your cupboard haven’t been touched in months.
  6. Don’t feed them: put food in containers that seal tight. If there’s room, put your pop-tarts, cereal, and whatnot in the fridge or freezer.
  7. Using cockroach bait: PestmanCockroach Gel Bait is yellow colloidal mixture of micro-chemicals and cockroach bait. It is a safe and environmentally friendly sanitary insecticide that effectively kills both nymph and adult cockroach such as German Cockroach, American Cockroach and Oriental Cockroach.

This cockroach bait is extremely attractive and palatable to cockroaches and is long lasting, lasting for up to 6 months after application. It is fast-acting and does not rebound easily, taking only 24-36 hours to kill 99% of cockroaches with a single application. The cockroaches do not have drug resistant to it.

It is easy and simple to operate, we just need to apply the bait on the walls, back of the furniture, the bottom of electrical appliances, kitchen cupboards and other hidden places where the cockroaches are active, and apply a small point of gel every 40-50 cm. No need to move or cover items, safe, convenient and quick. People do not have to leave the room when using the product, which does not affect normal business, work and life. The cockroach gel bait has a chain-killing effect with a single application and is not easy to rebound.

Be careful not to apply it at a wet place, and store the bait at a place where is cool, dry and out of reach of children and pets. Do not use other insecticides at the same time, as this will affect the effect of the cockroach gel bait.

When trying to get rid of cockroaches, use a combination of methods for the best results. Then, enjoy peace of mind and never worry about those scurrying buggers again.