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Bird Spike
Bird Spike
Bird Spike
Bird Spike
Bird Spike

Bird Spike

Pestman bird spikes are used to prevent birds from landing and roosting on buildings and some structures. It is an effective, humane and economical bird control product. Our bird spike is 50 cm long each and can be used at any time for easy installation. Made of stainless steel, no maintenance required, one installation, lifetime use.

Appearance : Transparent Silicone Base With Silver White Stainless Steel Wire

Composition : Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel Wire

Pest Type : Pigeons, Seagulls, Starlings, Sparrows, Eagles

Scenario : Roof, Windowsill, Wall, Lamp Post, Sign, I Steel, Water Pipe

Packing : 100 PCS/CTN


1. Humane, will not harm birds
2. High efficiency, long duration and economical
3. Easy to install, no maintenance required
4. Firm, not easy to break


Use glue, screws or ties to fix the product on the fence or roof where the birds will land.

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