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Bird Repellent Gel


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Bird Repellent Gel
Bird Repellent Gel
Bird Repellent Gel
Bird Repellent Gel

Bird Repellent Gel

Pestman bird repellent gel was made from some biological repellent active ingredients, and it is Long-acting biological bird repellent. The principle of this product is to use the synergistic effect of bird’s vision, touch, smell and taste to achieve the purpose of repelling birds. It is only drive away the birds, and do no harm on them.
The product is non-toxic and non-corrosive. It has excellent ultraviolet stability, thermal stability, electrical insulation, aging resistance, ozone resistance and rainwater erosion resistance. It can be used directly in the range of –40-100℃ without any change in physical properties, and the time-effective period of bird repellent is even more than 360 days.
The product can be coated on the cables, wires and other objects, which can prevent rats from biting, and has good effect on repelling rats.

Target birds : Pigeons & Doves, Starling, house sparrows and certain other nuisance birds

Smell : Slight Fragrance

Active ingredients : 10% Polybutene, 0.2% Capsaicin, 0.3% Menthol

Packaging : 250 g/tube

Expiration Date : 5 years


1. Drive away harmful birds and do no harm to them ;
2. Reduce cleaning and maintenance costs ;
3. Prevention of disease transmission by birds ;
4. Eliminate the risk of fire caused by birds nesting in vents and chimneys


1. Apply it with a caulking gun. Trim the end of the product, then insert it into the caulking gun track ;
2. Place it gently on the surface and slowly inject it out. Coating it in strip, zigzag or circle shap with the intervals of 20-30 cm. It also can be coated in strips continuously ;
3. Each tube can use about three meters.

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