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The best way to repel birds in a granary


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The best way to repel birds in a granary

The best way to repel birds in a granary

Birds fly into the granary and destroy the grain is a problem that many people hate. How to solve the birds in the granary, this article will tell you.

Birds in the outdoors may not affect our lives, but if they enter the warehouse in search of warmth and food, the birds become a headache for warehouse owners.


Granaries are one of the most popular habitats for birds; not only are they warm and have plenty of nesting space, but they also have food to satisfy them for a year. Birds nesting in granaries, however, pose a number of problems; not only do they cause mess and disturbance, they also bring flammable debris and viruses. Birds can transmit more than 60 diseases, with the most common virus being Salmonella, which is present in up to 50% of sparrows. In addition to being direct carriers of viruses, the economic harm caused by birds should not be underestimated, with global losses of millions of dollars per year due to food contamination and waste caused by bird damage to crops, vines and seeds.


People have tried a variety of methods to repel birds from warehouses, such as using ultrasound to repel birds. This method is a physical bird repellent, mainly used for electricity, farmland and other outdoor places, and is not suitable for use in grain silo indoor places. The effect of ultrasonic wave to repel birds is very limited. Initially, birds will retreat because they are afraid of the sound of ultrasonic wave, and once they adapt to ultrasonic wave and find no actual harm, they will return to the granary. Therefore, the use of ultrasound to repel birds is not the best choice. Similarly, bird spikes are not suitable for indoor bird repelling in grain bins. Bird repelling spikes are a kind of metal spikes used on power grids to repel birds and reduce accidents such as short circuits and tripping caused by nesting birds.


There is no better choice for indoor bird repellent than bird repellent. Bismarck bird repellent uses biogenic repellent active ingredients, the main active ingredient of which is methyl aminocarbonate (MA), a food-grade flavoring. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive and very safe for birds, animals, humans and the environment. Combined with other natural flavors, Bismarck bird repellents repel birds through smell and taste, making nuisance birds feel so uncomfortable that birds will not fly back to the treatment area during the memory period, and are effective repellents and do not harm birds. The wheat in a grain silo in western Russia was eaten by birds in large quantities and suffered from birds, and it was difficult to monitor all the grain silos in Russia because of the large area, fortunately, they chose Bismarck bird repellent, and it was very convenient to dilute the bird repellent with water and spray it over a large area, which quickly solved the problem of bird damage.


The use of barriers and deterrents to repel are all effective for birds in grain bins, but they are not always the best option, as some can be time-consuming or labor-intensive. Bird repellents are an effective, time-saving solution for all barns, sheds and buildings. Don’t underestimate the danger birds can pose to grain bins. With a safe bird repellent, you can keep all species of birds out of your building without any other hassles.


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