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How to remove birds from vents

How to remove birds from vents

We often face some troubles, such as birds in the vents, they will bring many problems.

There are about 10,000 species of birds in the world, some of which are loved and appreciated by humans because of their beautiful appearance and wonderful song. If a bird is perched in an inappropriate location, not only can it not be enjoyed, but it can be harmful, such as a bird perched in a vent.


Vents play a very important role in a house, helping to ventilate the interior space. Birds make their homes and station themselves in vents, with nests consisting of dried leaves, grass and twigs. Such nests can inhale large amounts of dust from the air, which can cause serious health hazards when mixed with bird droppings. Through open windows and vents, you can smell something foul and unpleasant to you. Viruses carried by birds can also be transmitted to you through bird droppings.


Most importantly, the materials used by birds to build their nests are usually highly flammable and a fire hazard, which can easily cause a fire in dry weather. And bird nests built in the exhaust vent can easily form a blockage, making the smoke flow back and causing fume poisoning accidents.


Bird droppings can also contaminate the exterior walls of buildings, streets, neighborhood floors, etc., so it becomes an important thing to repel birds in the vents.



Adult birds are easily stimulated to fly away at vents, and we have a great alternative – Pestman Bird Repellent. It is a microencapsulated aqueous formulation prepared from a variety of bio-sourced raw material active ingredients, rich in food-grade active ingredients (e.g., methyl anthocyanin, etc.), and is truly a slow-release biological product. In addition to the allergic and anorexic reactions of birds to the physiological aversion mechanism of the active ingredients of biological raw materials in smell and taste, the bird repellent principle also increases the repellent function of the tactile “repulsion” of birds, so the dosage form has a long duration and good effect. The food-grade ingredients make it non-toxic and safe for birds, animals, humans and the environment. The use of bird repellents is very effective in repelling birds.


After the adult birds have flown away, we need to make sure that there are still young birds in the nest. If not, you can prepare protective equipment: thick gloves, masks and goggles; there are usually bacterial viruses on the nest. After that, use pliers and a long screwdriver to remove the easy parts, using a flashlight to confirm that you have scraped the pipes clean. A long screwdriver can loosen any stubborn feathers or sticky leaves from the sides of the duct or vent, and finally, flush the duct with a hose to completely flush the vent slats.


If there are still young birds in the nest, do not remove the nest at your leisure, wait until the young birds have grown and then you can apply the bird repellent again before removing the nest. The effect of our bird repellent lasts for 30-60 days after one application, so you don’t have to worry about bird infestation.


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